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Learning to write.

This one is a quick activity because let’s be honest, a two year old’s attention span requires VERY quick activities!! I modeled writing a letter (I chose C not only because it’s the first letter of Carter’s name but also because it only requires…

May 10, 2016
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Carter’s favourites!

We had a lot of fun with this one, and it was so nice to hear his answers! We’ve been talking to Carter about what he likes and doesn’t like and explaining to him that when something is his ‘favourite’ it means he likes…

May 6, 2016

Scissors and toddlers.

When I was teaching, I was astounded at how many five year olds couldn’t use a pair of scissors. Us teachers would spend hours trying to ‘fill the gaps’ and try to teach them a skill we assumed they would have mastered or at…

May 5, 2016

Why I love my Mummy.

There’s lots of books  which will be given as Mother’s Day gifts this Sunday, so for book of the week I’ve decided to share with you my favourite! Carter was given this book when he was born and the reason I love it is…

May 5, 2016

Mini Maestros-why we love it!

I started Carter at Mini Maestros when he was around 6 months old. To be honest at the beginning I didn’t really think he was getting much out of it. During class he seemed disengaged, wouldn’t really join in and half the time I…

May 2, 2016
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Autumn leaves are falling…

As a Teacher I was often asked by parents; “how is my child going in maths? I was never good at it so I want to know how they are doing”. I was surprised how often I heard those words…”I was never good at…

April 28, 2016
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All in a day’s work-Reading for meaning with toddlers.

All in a day’s work is book of the week this week and I have chosen it to focus on comprehension. It’s never too early to begin comprehension with your child- it is an important skill and you can start when they are toddlers-as long…

April 22, 2016

The diggers are coming! Susan Steggall.

Book of the week is for all the trucks and diggers fans out there! We are always on the hunt for books about diggers, and I am constantly trying to find ones that not only have great illustrations but are good quality books. This…

April 15, 2016

Number rocks.

We collect rocks everywhere we go. EVERYWHERE! This week I decided to get creative with some of the rocks (thanks Pinterest) so I’ve painted numbers on them. I chose the numbers 10-20, painted them on the rocks and put them in order for Carter, saying…

April 13, 2016
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Steve Parish story books.

Book of the week comes from a series of books this week-Steve Parish story books. I love these books for a number of reasons. The books are printed using cursive font making it easy on the eye for children and also introducing them to…

April 7, 2016