About Me

about2Hi there!

Where do I start? Before Carter came along, I worked as a full time teacher. I’ve taught in both the private and catholic system and within a range of year levels. Lower primary was always my passion. Watching a 5 year old read a word for the first time, or count a collection of objects gives me a real buzz and I’ve always been amazed at how children learn. Since becoming a mummy, that passion to teach has continued but now I get to watch my little boy learning!

As a Year Prep Teacher, I was constantly asked by parents what more they could have done to help prepare their child to be ‘school ready.’ Some of the parents I met were doing so many great things at home with their child but just needed some help with how to make the learning explicit and where to start with the academic development journey (let’s be honest-it’s a huge one!).

So here on my site you will find some activities you can do with your toddler that are fun, engaging and at the same time providing specific learning opportunities- these activities will help your toddler’s learning journey start well before they walk into those school gates 🙂