Learning sight words, the fun way!

May 19, 2017

It’s been awhile between blog posts-a newborn and toddler will do that to you, but here I am!!


Sight words-let’s start with what they are…Basically they are the words that make up the majority of words found in reading and writing. They are also the hardest to learn because they often use different sounds to the sounds the letter would traditionally make. For example, the word ‘said’ when sounded out should be spelt ‘sed’, so in order to learn these words need to be visually memorized.


So….How can we teach our child the sight words?

GAMES! Make it fun and interesting. Here are some ideas to help you along:

  • Chalk words: We played this outside just to mix it up. I wrote the sight words on the ground using chalk and Carter had the cards. He then read the card and matched it to the sight word on the ground-a quick game to set up and an easy one too! If you don’t have sight words cards, use post it notes.
  • Memory: Using a set of sight words cards, the child must read the word when they turn it over and then try to find its partner-this is also a great activity for short term memory.
  • Word hunt: have the words stuck up around the house and give a list of the words to the child and send them on their hunt!
  • Make them: you can use magnetic letters, write them in the sand, use shaving cream-anything and everything!
  • Book match: write the words on post it notes and when reading your story ask your child to match the sight word to the one in the text.


Remember: Repetition is the key! The more they see the words, the quicker they will learn them. Being able to recognize these words will hold them in good stead when learning to read at school.


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