Bottle top bar graphs.

October 28, 2016

My previous post was all about the many ways you can use bottle tops to enhance learning and we had a lot of fun creating our own bar graph so I wanted to share this activity with you!

To begin I explained to Carter that we were creating a bar graph which would show us how many different coloured lids we had. I always try to use the right names/vocabulary even if I think it is beyond him and he won’t remember it-if we don’t expose them to the vocab-they will never learn it.

There are so many different learning opportunities with this activity!

  1. Colour sorting: I explained to Carter that we needed to find all the dark blue lids and put them in a straight line. The more different coloured lids you have, the better the opportunity to revise colours.
  2. Counting: After each line was complete we would count how many lids were in that line. Depending on the age of your child you could scribe the number or they could. Getting them to put their pointer finger on each lid as they count also encourages one to one correspondence (basically ensures they are counting the right amount of lids).
  3. Number identification: Writing the number of lids on a piece of paper and displaying them as part of the graph gives children a reference point, helps them to identify the number of lids and continues to reinforce number identification.
  4. Vocabulary opportunities: These are endless! We used language such as ‘most’, ‘least’, ‘graph’, ‘how many’, ‘graph’, etc. I also tried to ask him as many questions as I could so that he used the graph to obtain his answers. E.G: “Which colour has the most lids?” “How many dark blue lids are there? How could we find out?”
  5. Fine motor skills: I got Carter to cut out the pieces of paper to write our numbers on, he placed the bottle lids in a line-quick little opportunities to practice those fine motor skills!!

This has been one of our favourite activities so far-when Carter asks the next day to make another one you know you are onto a winner!! Enjoy!!


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