Carter’s counting tray.

June 17, 2016
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A great way to use an old egg carton and build fine motor skills whilst also learning to count!

We bought number stickers from Officeworks and stuck them in the egg carton and using screws (to keep Carter engaged) we have been counting the correct number of screws into their corresponding number tray.


  • Counting using one to one correspondence. Carter is learning to count each screw one at a time. Often at this age children tend to ‘double count’, so as he picks each individual screw one at a time, the notion of counting is reinforced.
  • Fine motor skills. Using his fingers to pick up the little screws increases strength in his fingers. As his confidence grows, I plan to introduce a pair of tongs to further develop his skills as he must control the tongs in order to pick up the screw. You could also use tweezers, pegs, etc to pick up the object. Instead of screws you could also use buttons, pom poms, little blocks, anything that will fit into the egg carton!


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