Sensory bottles.

June 7, 2016

The benefits of sensory bottles vary from babies to toddlers. The purpose of them is to introduce children to their senses and encourage them to use their senses as a means of exploring and learning. With the help of Pinterest I created two which a baby could begin to use with the help of an adult of course. The first is simply half a bottle of water mixed with blue food dye and then topped up with vegetable oil. The combination creates bubbles and a lava lamp effect-great for a baby to track different bubble sizes with their eyes. The second is a little bit louder!! Rice to get a bit of sound happening and pom poms and glitter stars for shapes and colours. This one not only encourages them to explore with their eyes, but also listen for different sounds.

For toddlers the possibilities are also endless. Letters of the alphabet could be placed in them with a combination of water/food dye/sand etc, words, numbers, shapes, anything and everything! It’s a hands on activity which helps them to use their senses to learn 🙂 Sensory bottles have also been known to be used as a meditation and calming tool for children who sometimes need a bit of ‘quiet time’ (maybe not the rice shaker bottle though!!) There’s many benefits to these bottles, and they are really cheap and easy to make too!

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