I went walking…Sue Machin and Julie Vivas.

May 19, 2016
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The repetitiveness and predictability of this book makes it book of the week because it’s a great one when you are starting to teach the reading process. We have read this book with Carter SO many times that when he pulled it out to read this week I almost shuddered. Then I had a thought, why not get him to read it. So I did. I read the first word of each sentence to begin with and then he read the rest of the sentence. Yes he’s completely memorized it and therefore some would say he technically isn’t reading, but we’ve slowed him down and we are pointing to the words as he reads so he’s learning that the words on the page have meaning and the illustrations are helping to prompt him as to which animal he is reading about.

Using repetitive text assists children as they can focus on the entire process of reading (turning the pages, looking at the words and pictures) rather than spending the time trying to decode the words. With toddlers it’s also really important to make the text easy for them so they don’t lose focus and engagement in the reading process. Make it achievable and then slowly introduce new more difficult words as their ability grows.

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