Mini Maestros-why we love it!

May 2, 2016

I started Carter at Mini Maestros when he was around 6 months old. To be honest at the beginning I didn’t really think he was getting much out of it. During class he seemed disengaged, wouldn’t really join in and half the time I was either chasing him and sitting him back in the circle or trying to get him to at least look semi interested. When it came to re enrollment time I had decided that there would be no point continuing…enter my son who was determined to prove me wrong. Second last class for the term rolled around and Carter found his inner rock star. He knew absolutely everything that had been going on during those lessons and not only had he taken it in but all of a sudden he was confident to have a go. Mini Maestros has taught me about Carter as a learner and it’s benefits have really shown in Carter’s development.

What are the benefits?

  • Oral language skills-he is using language I wouldn’t have even thought to teach him at home;
  • Music-he is learning how to play different instruments as well as rhythm and beat;
  • Social skills-he is learning to share, co-operate, take turns and be in an environment where team work is encouraged with children his own age;
  • Focus and concentration-Carter is a typical boy and wants to be moving constantly. Mini Maestros has taught him to focus and concentrate to learn a new skill;
  • Independence-he’s learning from someone who isn’t my husband, myself or a family member. He respects Michelle as his teacher and loves seeing her each week;
  • Confidence-Carter has quite a timid personality so Mini Maestros provides him with a supportive environment to step out of his comfort zone and try new things;
  • As a parent I’ve also learnt a few things! I’ve been able to watch Carter in a learning environment and have seen first hand how he learns. He observes- taking mental ‘pictures’ of what’s going on and then when he is confident enough he tries it. Now that I know what type of a learner he is, it’s so much easier to help him learn new things. It’s been a fantastic experience for him and I and a year on we are still going to Mini Maestros each week!

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