Number rocks.

April 13, 2016

We collect rocks everywhere we go. EVERYWHERE!

This week I decided to get creative with some of the rocks (thanks Pinterest) so I’ve painted numbers on them. I chose the numbers 10-20, painted them on the rocks and put them in order for Carter, saying the number as I looked for it. Once I had them all I counted them whilst pointing to each one, demonstrating one to one correspondence and counting out aloud.

There’s so many fun activities you can do with these!

  • Having a number sheet and asking your child to place the rock on the matching number helps to reinforce number identification;
  • Putting the numbers in order from lowest to highest;
  • A treasure hunt is also a fun one, hiding all the rocks and getting your child to say the number as he/she finds them;
  • Painting dots on another set of rocks and then matching the dots with the numeral reinforces the counting process.

Carter loved seeing ‘his rocks’ with numbers on them-it engaged him and he took ownership over the activity-very important as it makes the learning more authentic.


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