Steve Parish story books.

April 7, 2016
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Book of the week comes from a series of books this week-Steve Parish story books.

I love these books for a number of reasons.

  1. The books are printed using cursive font making it easy on the eye for children and also introducing them to the type of writing that is generally used in schools.
  2. The story has been typed in larger text. This is great as because it is bigger it draws a child’s eye to it and if a parent points to the words as they read, a toddler can begin to follow them, learning the reading process. You can also use this opportunity to point out full stops, talking marks, exclamation marks and other grammatical concepts to them as they are big enough for the child to see on the page. They may not pay any attention-but introducing it and continuing to point them out makes a child aware that they exist and eventually they will start to respond and maybe even point them out to you.
  3. The photos as opposed to illustrations is a great change and very engaging for toddlers. Steve Parish’s photos provide many talking points for parents and their children as they get a close up view of the animals like never before!

A great series of books, well worth checking out. IMG_3566

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