Long and short: a measurement activity.

April 7, 2016
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Autumn has well and truly hit Melbourne which means it’s time to get the gumboots and raincoats on and go exploring.

Today we were collecting sticks and Carter was lining them up on the trampoline. A simple question here introduced a new concept to him. ‘Which stick is the longest?’ He looked and pointed to the one he believed was longest and I then followed up with ‘now which one is the shortest?’ Two questions which introduced new vocabulary, the concept of measurement and prompted him to find an ‘even bigger’ stick than our longest one. It’s a simple activity, yet very engaging and can be adapted in many ways. If there’s a few children you could make it a competition to see who can find the longest and shortest stick, you could use a variety of different materials (bark and rocks are always fun) and once children are confident you could introduce a ruler and measure each one, recording your results.

A fun activity to enjoy outside!

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