Animalia-Graeme Base.

March 31, 2016

This weeks book of the week is one that Carter and his daddy enjoy reading together.

Animalia is a fantastic book because it encourages children to use their imagination. The boys spend most of their time making up their own stories when they ‘read’ this book together. They look at the pictures, talk about what they can see and what might be happening to the creatures in the story. This helps to promote oral language skills through introducing new vocabulary and encouraging communication in the form of speaking, listening and responding.

This book is also great for teaching the initial letter of words and the sound that letter makes. The sentence on each page introduces the letter to be focused upon through clever alliteration and parents can continue to focus on this during reading time as the child points to the pictures. As children get older they can think of alternative pictures that could also be on each page and create their own stories about the creatures, telling those stories to parents.



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