Words with stickers!

March 29, 2016
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Now the weather is starting to get cooler, it’s time to get creative with indoor activities. Stickers are a lot of fun, aren’t too messy and can be great for learning too!

These alphabet stickers were a cheap buy from Kmart and kept us very busy!

Carter chose the words he wanted to spell, I told him what letters he needed and he stuck them on. The focus was not only spelling the words but sticking them in the right order, the emphasis being on him learning that words are organised from left to right. This will further assist him when he is learning to read, recognizing that the starting point is to the left of the page and he reads towards the right.

The possibilities with this activity are endless. For children learning the alphabet you could stick letters on in alphabetical order, children in the lower years of primary school could use them to spell the words they are learning at school, parents could cut out pictures and children could label them using the stickers, for older children parents could challenge them to spell any word with 6 letters, 7 letters etc, the list goes on!

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