Carter’s Cafe.

March 8, 2016
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We involve Carter when we are cooking and although it can get quite messy, he loves it and it’s been great for his language development. We make smoothies everyday, banana pancakes are a weekend tradition with Daddy and he loves making muffins with Grandpa when he comes to visit. When Grandma bought him his own food set and pots and pans this week and Carter started ‘cooking’ I noticed just how beneficial those cooking experiences have been for him. He has been introduced to a variety of vocabulary along the way and having his own set has allowed him to use his imagination and prior experiences to create his own play scenarios.

We have since created a menu and Carter uses this when he invites people into his cafe. You rarely get what you ordered and if he’s not happy with your choice he will recommend something different but he’s absolutely loving it and is using words such as ‘ingredients’ and ‘recipe’, naming different fruits and vegetables, and even experimenting with some mathematical concepts. Whilst cooking with us we talk him through the recipe and the quantities that are needed, so he is learning what 1 cup looks like as opposed to half a cup, he counts 3 eggs, he is looking at the different sizes of spoons (e.g 1 teaspoon of cinnamon/1 tablespoon of coconut oil) and he is beginning to verbalize this knowledge and use it in his own cafe.



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