Lego: The benefits.

March 4, 2016

Teaching developmental play in the first year of school is very important. Most Kinder programs are developed around structured play-alot of learning occurs during ‘play’ and in the first year of schooling us teachers always included lego as one of our play activities, so why not start at home?


Lego is a ‘hands on’ activity which means the child is in control of their learning- very often this is when the most valuable learning happens-through discovery. Not only does the child¬†need to use problem solving skills but it increases their spatial awareness. Fine motor skills are developed as they pick up the pieces and manipulate them to learn which ones fit and their communication and oral language skills are required. It’s a great activity to do in a group situation as this also involves rules of play, encouraging sharing and will put their oral language skills to the test. Just find a great storage container for it all-those pieces of lego are easy to lose!!

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