What time is it Peter Rabbit?

February 20, 2016

Telling the time is a difficult concept to teach, often one of the hardest in the early years of schooling, so the sooner your child is familiar with clocks and telling the time, the better!

We introduced Carter to our wall clock when he was one, he loved watching the hands and looking at the numbers. We taught him that it was called a clock and over time we have revisited it and extended the teaching.

We are Peter Rabbit obsessed in this house so this book is a favourite.

When reading this book we focus on the ‘big hand on the 12 meaning o’clock’ and the ‘little hand pointing to the number to tell us which o’clock it is’.  Repetition is the key and giving your child ownership over the activity. Let them try to move the little hand to the number or ask them to give you an o’clock time to make and as you make it verbalize your actions.

This book is a great one because it attaches a story to the learning and also provides children with a visual of the time they need to make. Plus it’s got a clock for the children to use-hands on learning is always best!



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