I see a…

January 14, 2016

Carter received a chalkboard for Christmas, he loves it and so do I! Whilst they can be used for so many things, this post is all about writing sentences.

I am channeling his love for animals (at this age it’s important to choose topics they are interested in and therefore will be easily engaged) and using an old calendar for pictures. Everyday we choose a new picture and we write a sentence about that picture. The sentence starter is the same each day ‘I see a…’

On the first day Carter simply used one word to complete his sentence. Since then I am finding he is using more adjectives and his sentences are becoming longer and more complex.To begin, I say the sentence starter, he then verbalises the rest of the sentence and watches as I write it on the chalkboard. Once it’s written, I read the sentence to him, pointing at the words as I read aloud. After each day we write the sentence on a post it note and stick it on the picture which he then hangs in his room. He loves looking at them and ‘reading’ them.

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