We all went on safari…

December 7, 2015


What a great pick up from the local library!


So many teaching points with this one…

  1. Rhyme: Kids love rhyme, after a few pages they are able to start predicting the last word, using rhyme and picture cues to assist them.
  2. Counting: Each page has a number on it, so not only can your child identify the number but they can also count the number of animals and relate the number to it.
  3. Identifying animals: Big, colourful pictures in this story allow the children to easily identify the animals, their colours, skin type etc.
  4. African safari: Depending on the age of your child, you could introduce the concept of different countries, cultures and animals found in particular countries. Carter loves the safari bus at Werribee Zoo so he was able to connect the word ‘safari’ to his experience at the zoo and the types of animals he sees there.

It’s always more beneficial to a child’s learning if they can relate the concept to their own personal experiences, it helps them to own the learning and make connections. 

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